Providing your customers with a beautiful room and a comfortable nights stay keeps them coming back and spreading the word. Our murphy beds allow you to provide your customers with a normal comfortable innerspring mattress verses those thin mattress pull out couches.

 Families are growing in size and you want to be able to keep them together. Our murphy beds take little space when closed and make a huge difference when maximizing your overall capacity. Over the past 17 years we have worked with large hotel chains to small mom and pop bed and breakfast hotels. We also work with architects, developers, and contractors for projects that require or have interest in using a murphy bed.

 From Micro Units, hospitals, firehouses, the possibility to where murphy beds are used today are endless. Below you will find several major markets that we consistently work with across the United States and around the World.

Open your possibilities


Bedder Way is proud to be a supplier to large Hotel and Resorts chains to smaller developments across the country. Our quality and durability make our beds a perfect fit for everyday guests. In most cases our murphy beds are being used as an extra bed in the room (or suite) allowing the hotel to accommodate extra occupants and income.

No job is to big. Our manufacturing facility allows for us to not only accommodate 100-1000 project orders, but the ability to store the project until date of delivery. Larger quantity orders allow us to customize the face design over all dimensions to accommodate the rooms decor.

Five star hospitality


More and more hotels (big chains and small independent) are using murphy beds. Whether they are adding them at the beginning of their project or after they have realized the need, murphy beds are allowing these companies to provide comfort to additional room occupants or by turning meeting rooms into an extra hotel room. Hotels are finding that by adding and charging for this extra piece of comfort and convenience for their guest they are able to increase their revenue. Bedder Way's ability to build and finish real wood murphy beds has been a big benefit for hotels looking to keep their room style and quality.



Getting away to a relaxing and fun vacation at a beautiful resort is everyone's dream. So why not give them a sleeping option that keeps with beauty but more importantly provides a normal mattress for sleeping (not the thin pull out couch mattress). Resorts are finding value not only for their customers but in their business for adding murphy beds to rooms. Resorts with 2-3 room suites, rooms with entertainment rooms, or simply a single room; each has the possibility to add a murphy bed for that extra occupant to sleep. Resorts are re-stylizing their rooms to keep up with their demand of vacationers, but also to compete against other resorts that are new or have already had the inspiration to do the same.

Vacation rentals

Vacation Rentals

From Vacation Rentals to Airbnb, Investors and homeowners are finding profitable solutions to their investment. Murphy beds provide investors and their guest a winning solution when placing value on their location verses another competitors location near by. Our customers in popular areas, whether a beach or lake destination or a big city, are finding rooms in their homes to renovate, to investing in small fixer-uppers, and placing them online to individuals looking for more than just a hotel room stay. With the increased online presence of more and more rental apps / sites, we are finding an increased demand on our murphy beds to help in their venture.

Dorms and hotels


It may not be of any surprise that murphy bed have been a big hit on college campuses and hostels around the world. When occupying a large amount of students or travelers space can fill up fast. Murphy beds continue to be smart and even economical solution to you adults who are spending a day, night, or semester in the city or campus they are attending. Space is not just a problem we are solving for placing a bed, but also think of it as space you are providing these young minds as they are focusing on their field of study or abroad studies and not feeling like they are living in small dungeon. With the ability to fold up the murphy bed, these occupants are able to move around freely in their small quarters. 


Murphy beds are not just a home or hospitality piece of furniture. We have been supplying Hospitals, Sleep Labs, Micro Units, Firehouses, Rescue Stations, Military facilities and Government facilities, and many other organizations that might surprise you. Life is a 24 hour a day business and sleep is a key component. Murphy beds have been a key component behind the scenes to keep the world moving with spending less wasted time on traveling home to sleep and then back again a few hours later for another shift.

One of our emergency rescue clients said it best, "It is better to have a murphy bed to grab a few hours of sleep to be fresh when the emergency happens, than to not have one". Whether you are in the process of planning your commercial project or need to outfit your facility with one of our murphy beds, Bedder Way is here to help in supplying your murphy bed and storage cabinetry needs.

Commercial projects
Micro units

Micro Units

Micro Units have been a hit among Developers for the past 10 years. Renovated and new construction buildings are being designed with a few micro units per floor to the whole floor. These developers have found that their clients are enjoying more outside the building in a busy city lifestyle, to clients who travel a majority of their week. In most cases, developers are turning a normal 150 unit building into a 170 unit. With increased tenants, developers are turning their extra income into more stylish amenities (social parlors, pool/grill lounge, mini movie theater) to attract their new tenants and to keep their existing tenants.

Fireman in a firestation

Fire Stations

Fire houses have become one of the more common places murphy beds are being placed. Whether it is a Firehouse, police station, rescue center, or ranger station, murphy beds provide our local hero's with a comfortable place to sleep while on duty waiting for their next call. Whether it is just one murphy bed to a dozen with additional locker cabinets on the side for storage, Bedder Way works with architects, contractors/developers to fit the tight sleeping quarter needs for emergency men and women.



Murphy Beds make a great additional to any hospital room needing an extra place for either a doctor, patient, or guest to catch a few hours of sleep. Our murphy beds are constructed to meet the demand of the medical industry. From Sleep Labs, Hospital suites, delivery rooms, doctor sleeping quarters, and any other place a bed is temporarily needed. Newer and older hospitals are designing rooms to be more comfortable for not only their patients, but for loved ones providing support.

Military installations

Military / Veterans

We are proud to be a supplier to our military. Murphy beds have been a great piece to those men and women who are always on watch and standing by. Whether it is a military base or government agency, our murphy beds provide a comfortable sleeping option.