Our Story

The Bedder Way Company was founded in 2001 with the quest to unite the ingenious space saving Murphy Bed concept with the beauty of fine furniture. Our designs, price, customers service, quality construction, and options of REAL WOOD or Melamine murphy beds, stands to be the basis of why our company has grown to be one the largest murphy bed manufacturers in the United States. Our murphy beds are not just a hit with customers all over America, but are purchased and shipped all over the world. We continue to stay up to date with production equipment, quality craftsman, and environmentally safe materials and finishes to ensure your murphy bed and cabinetry is durable and safe for your home or commercial project. It is our pleasure to serve you as a customer and hope that once you experience what we do, you will want to share us with your friends, family, and yes even strangers!

Bedder Way story

Supplying our Customers Nationwide and Beyond

Teaming with the right delivery company can make a difference in any business. We are proud to have CEVA Logistics as our main transportation service company that carries our murphy beds from our manufacturing facility to your home. It’s not just CEVA's ability to reach our customers all over the Unites States and beyond, but their ability to communicate with our customers for scheduling, care with handling our product, and most importantly the handling of any situation that might arise along the way. It is nice knowing that a product that we take great pride in manufacturing is handled by a company who takes great pride in transportation and home delivery.

CEVA offers us the ability to provide our customers with options that allow them to choose between two levels of service: Curbside and Threshold. Having these options allows each customer to choose a service that fits their needs when receiving their murphy bed. CEVA also provides one of the fastest transportation time frame once it leaves our facility, which means shorter lead times for receiving your murphy bed once you order! To learn more about CEVA Logistics visit their website. 

Nationwide shipping

Our Customer Service

Have questions? Our team enjoys receiving your calls and emails whether with questions, praise, or even the occasional problem. We know your time is important. If there is information that you can't find on our site or that you are not clear on, we are here to get you what you need so you can make the best decision possible. Each team member is trained to answer your questions or provide you with a team member that specializes in the field of interest. Have a problem with our product or with your shipment? We are here to take the worry out of the situation. We know that communication is the key to building a strong relationship with our customers. Our time is your time, so please let us help you make the right decision whether it is with us or someone else. We are just happy you are making the right decision with looking into purchasing a smart product, a Murphy bed! Give us a call today - TOLL FREE 866-783-5105 or EMAIL US Questions@bedderway.com .

Responsive customer service team

Manufacturing our Products

Quality and Speed is a fine line when manufacturing. Our customers want a quality murphy bed and additional cabinetry, but they want it in a time frame that fits their needs. Bedder Way not only invests in its people but also in its machinery and tools to help our craftsman build and finish your product in the shortest amount of time in the industry with the highest quality. Our facility works on 60-70 murphy beds each day. We not only provide quality murphy beds for our customers homes, but we also supply large commercial projects with murphy beds for hotels, micro units, hospitals, etc. This is only possible with the advancement of CNC machinery, lean manufacturing, customized handling carts, quality professional finishing system, and let’s not forget the most important part - our quality craftsman. Over the years we have created a manufacturing process that excels at moving your project from raw material to a beautiful piece of furniture. All manufactured in the United States

Cutting edge manufacturing technology

Our Skilled Craftsman

Real Quality comes from having quality craftsman. Our Bedder Way builders and finishers are trained craftsman in their field who enjoy their skill set which is shown in the quality product we produce for our customers. There isn't a day that goes by that we don't get compliments that come from our customers who have received and assembled their murphy bed (and possibly additional cabinetry). We share these compliments with our skilled craftsman allowing them to share in the reward with knowing how their skill and hard work is appreciated. It takes a whole team of craftsman, each having a hand in your project, which allows our customers to have a fine piece of furniture and cabinetry in their home. We constantly strive to ensure our craftsman work in an environment that allows them to strive to do their best!

Skilled craftsman