Vertical Wood Contemporary Face - V107
Vertical Wood Contemporary Face - V107 - Opened
Murphy Bed Operation Video
Vertical Wood Contemporary Face - V107
Vertical Wood Contemporary Face - V107
Vertical Wood Contemporary Face - V107
Vertical Wood Contemporary Face - V107 - The Bedder Way Co

Vertical Wood Contemporary Face - V107

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This contemporary design helps keep the appearance of a more modern setting in your home. The application of 21" contemporary handles on the face of the wall bed really brings out the modern appeal of this design.

Mattresses are sold separately. Our beds fit up to a 12” thick standard inner spring mattress. We do offer mattresses as an add-on option for convenience for our customers or you can find one at your local mattress store if you don’t have one.

Product Information

Vertical bed schematics
Twin82 3/4"45 1/2"18 3/4"81 7/8"
XL Twin87 3/4"45 1/2"18 3/4"86 7/8"
Full / Double82 3/4"60 1/2"18 3/4"81 7/8"
Queen87 3/4"66 1/2"18 3/4"86 7/8"
King87 3/4"82 1/2"18 3/4"86 7/8"

NOTE: Your ceiling height must be at least 2 1/2 inches taller than the height of the bed you’re trying to install.
*King size murphy beds are only available for select REAL WOOD VERTICAL bed styles. These styles are the V100,  V107, and V121.
*Width given is from the outside of our standard & square crown molding on one end to outside of crown molding on the other.
*If you select a mattress thicker than 12" thick, we can increase the depth of your bed to fit a mattress that is up to 15" thick (extra fee).

Bed face & Cabinet stiles and railsSolid Wood
Wood strut frameSolid Wood
Cabinet face framesSolid Wood
Flat face piecesVeneered Core Plywood
Header/Headboard/Bed side rails/Cabinet shellsVeneered Core Plywood
Bed side verticalsWood Veneer Engineered Substrate (to limit bowing)



Oak wood


Maple wood

*Oak will have a much visible grain structure compared to maple.


To view all of our available stains

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To view our handle selections

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Crown Molding


Standard crown molding


Square crown molding


Larger crown molding

Extra Depth

If your mattress is more than 12" in thickness we can build the depth of the murphy bed cabinet to accommodate a 13"-15" mattress. The overall depth (including standard & square crown molding) will increase to 20 3/8". 


Murphy bed with lights

Baseboard Notch*

Murphy bed showing baseboard notch

*Our LED lighting kits are placed on the header and operated by a metal touch pad on the headboard.
*Standard notch will be 5"x1". We provide instructions on how to extend the notch if your baseboard exceeds our standard measurement. We do not provide custom notch sizes.