Horizontal Wood HC306
Horizontal Wood HC306

Horizontal Wood HC306

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This beautiful side cabinet offers shelf space, one full extension drawer, a practical pull-out nightstand, and a bottom door for hidden storage. Fully adjustable shelves allow you to accommodate different size objects. This cabinet comes standard with two wooden shelves.

These side cabinets must be used with a horizontal wood Murphy bed and a wood HC310 or wood HC313 upper cabinet. Since these cabinets are the same height as a horizontal bed with an upper cabinet, failure to get an HC310 or HC313 will result in having side cabinets that are taller than the top of your horizontal Murphy bed.

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Product Information

Horizontal wood side cabinet schematics
Twin75 3/4” 18", 24", 30 " *
XL Twin75 3/4” 18", 24", 30 " *
Full / Double81 3/4” 18", 24", 30 " *
Queen87 3/4” 18", 24", 30 " *

* HC311 is only available in 24" widths.

Bed face & Cabinet stiles and railsSolid Wood
Wood strut fameSolid Wood
Cabinet face framesSolid Wood
Flat face piecesVeneered Core Plywood
Header/Headboard/Bed side rails/Cabinet shellsVeneered Core Plywood
Bed side verticalsWood Veneer Engineered Substrate (to limit bowing)



Oak wood


Maple wood

*Oak will have a much visible grain structure compared to maple.


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Extra Depth

Extra depth option is only available for our murphy beds.

Glass Shelves

Side cabinet with lights and glass shelves

Pull-Out Nightstand

Pull-out nightstand on a side cabinet

*Note: Lighting and clothes-valet are only available for vertical side cabinets